Landscape photography – a magic of shapes and colors

Landscape photography – a fascinating way to engage with the world we live in. A sunrise or sunset in the high mountains is experienced emotion in its purest form, the reflection of an autumn landscape in a lake – a magic of form and colour.

I invite you to travel through my pictorial worlds. Discover dreamlike moods of light and shadow and follow me on my walks through the world of the Allgäu Alps. Experience the atmosphere and spirit of unique nature photographs.

A landscape picture for your home, office or a special wall decoration for your guests!

You can choose between the following products for the photographs:

  • Canvas
  • high quality photo paper
  • high quality photo paper on AluDiBond
  • picture frame
  • frames with passe-partouts

If you have any questions regarding picture size, special formats or materials, please feel free to send me an email or simply give me a call.