About me

Porträt Andreas Frenkel-Piesch

„Mounatins are silent masters and make taciturn students“

My joy in photography arose during a trip to Down Under. Inspired by the vastness and the colors of this unique country, I began to deal more intensively with the subject of landscape photography.

During my tours I experience the beauty of the Alps again and again and enjoy the wonderfully calm, sometimes stormy hours in the mountains or at the foot of the mountains in the valleys. To express the experienced emotion in a picture inspires me to visit these places again and again.

Some of the spots are also not easy to reach. Depending on the tour, ascents of several hours and many a vertical meter have to be mastered. The equipment for the tour as well as the photo equipment often result in a considerable weight. As usual in the mountains, the carefully planned photo is also not always safe. Nature has the last word.

At the sight of a sunrise or sunset or the play of colors and light in the blue hour, however, all exertions are gone. The nights are often cool and rough even in summer, but the play of light and the color magic of nature on some days cannot be described in words and are simply breathtakingly beautiful. Full of gratitude I enjoy these moments to be able to experience.

Even if no good photo succeeded on the way, I am full of peace on the way home and already look forward to the next tour.

To be able to experience nature in all its beauty in every free minute is a source of energy for me.

I wish all visitors much pleasure in viewing my photographs.

Andreas Frenkel Piesch